Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mapaso Wellness Resort, Mainit, Surigao Del Norte

 Myzol and I @ Mapaso Wellness Resort

 Submerge your body into the relaxing hot water of Mapaso Wellness Resort, just located at  Mainit, Surigao del Norte, an hour away from Surigao city bus and jeepney terminal, spend P49.00 for ordenary bus and P55.00 for air-conditioned bus, stop over to Magpayang.
You can then ask a "habal-habal"(single motorcycle) to bring you to the resort, just negotiate for the fee but usually it is only 50 pesos per head.

 Entrance fee for Adult is @ 25 pesos only, 20 pesos for Senior Citizens and 15 pesos for the chrildren.
Exclusive pool rates from P1,000.00, P750.00, and P500.00

 Cottages for only P250.00


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    1. nyahaha..lageh tol, cge ko'g visit sa imong blog ba, kay daghan ko makat-unan didto...hehe

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