Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bohol's Newest Attraction and Adventure: ZooColate Thrills

Bohol's first world class Zoological  theme park, Zoocolate Thrills, is located at Brgy. Gotozon, in the municipality of Loboc, under the Zoomanity group of Yupangco Group of Companies. 

For only P 60.00 you can enjoy the 5 hectare park, meet and greet "Tiggy" a  Sebastian tiger, and the smallest primate - The Tarsiers, and a lot more. It is a home for more than 20 species, and they are planning to add more in the coming years. The park also has a man-made chocolate hills to give a glimpse before going to the real one at Carmen.
Zoocolate Thrills at Barangay Gotozan, Loboc, Bohol

Zoocolate Thrills at Barangay Gotozan, Loboc, Bohol

[1]Last year's activity includes the following: 

1.  Meet Hello Tiggy
2.  Zoocolate Thrills Zooperb!Chocolate Hills replica
3. ZooMajestic Greyhound race
4. ZooBearcat photo contest
5. ZooM! Loboc
6.  ZooOrganic farming
7. ZooSweet kisses
8. Our Pride for Bohol
9. ZooSpectacular Bird show 
10. Choco loco Animals parade


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