Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Summer Getaway Part 1: Bitaog Beach Resort, Dinagat Islands

A very fine morning of May 1, 2014, the skies were blue, and the summer heat is biting the skin.  

Our (CEMYC) Choral group president, Ms. Bless, invited us to celebrate in her 31st Birthday, together with her family at Bitaog Beach Resort, located at the Province of  Dinagat Islands. We took a Motor Banca -NEWS MPC 5 for 100.00 Pesos per person. Time of departure is around 6:30  in the morning from Surigao City boulevard. Just about an hour of travel, we arrived safely around 7:45 A.M at the Municipality of San Jose, Dinagat Islands. From there, we rented another Banca to bring us to Bitaog beach resort, for P 1,700.00 good for the whole day stay-in. It took us about  15 - 20 mins to arrive at the breathtaking paradise-like resort. 

Palawan-like rock formation: Bitaog
 Upon our arrival, we could not help ourselves but to be amazed with this place, although it was my  second time - 4 years ago, birthday of my officemate, - asay man ko oi. lol!

Lady in Red fishnet - the Birthday Girl :)
Bb. Bitaog 2014 - Myzol :)

There were also another group of local tourists, who arrived just ahead of us, the beach has only 5 cottages worth P 400.00 - a small size cottage; and P 700.00 which we had.

To filled up our tummy, lunch is served with bounteous seafoods and of course, the crunchy Lechon is there at the center table. (ginutom ako bigla while drafting this post!)

After we had full-tanked our tummy with those foods, of course, hindi mawalala ang inuman dyan. ;)
peru secret nalang muna kung ano ang tinungga namin. lol!

Have a tour in this beautiful resort: a Palawan-like rock formations, and white sand around the beach.

Crystal Clear Water 

Beyond this rock is another resort called Gealan Beach Resort.


Thanks you so much Ma'am Bless, for sharing your blessings to us, best wishes and more candles to blow,  praying that you will finally meet the Man of your dreams. weeeh!!! hehehe!!! :)

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