Friday, November 28, 2014

MAV To The Famous Togonan Falls in Mainit, Surigao Del Norte

Togonon Falls, is located at the heart of Brgy. Marayag, Mainit, Surigao Del Norte. Fortunately myzol is from Mainit, so no need for a tour guide here, luck me! lol,

A day before this visit is myzol's 27th Birthday. Yeah! alright,  it's her birthday treat again, just like in our adventure in Mapaso Wellness Resort  2 years ago. So blessed to have you myzol! ehem!lol.

This magnificent, picture perfect creation of  the unbounded, limitless overflowing abundance of God's universe is overwhelming our naked eye. wooooh! Thank God for this gift. No words could ever express our happiness and excitement exploring the beauty of nature that God given to us.

As early as 6 in the morning, I woke up with a very happy mode, a joy in my heart knowing that we will have the chance to visit this place. I just took 2 glasses of water and jumped in saying to myzol, "let's go to Togonan Fall!" while she's having her cup of coffee and "biko" (Rice Cake), which I brought as my Mom made it for her, so sweet! hehe. After that, we hurried up to the habal-habal terminal, Habal-habal is a single motor cycle use as way of transportation.  Just a few blocks from their house.

We standby for few minutes to wait for other possible passengers to ride with us going to Bryg. Marayag where the falls is located, since it's still too early, we just decided to take a special trip. The regular fare is Php40.00/Person.

"The road is long; The way is narrow The path is steep..." few lines from a song Pathway of Hope
even though it's long and narrow, there is Hope for a brighter future. Indeed after travelling 15 to 20 minutes of rough roads.

This scene captured our eyes.

But before we reach it, we trailed in more or less 280 steps going down the falls, no sweat going down, going up is really an adventure, you too should experience it, it's so great, I promise.

And because we are early birds. woooh!! It's Exclusive just for the two of us! so nice. Thank you Lord!

To God be all the Glory!

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