Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sinulog 2015 Winners

Photo Credit: CebuRepublic.com

Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño.  It's an annual festival, every 3 week of January in Cebu, Philippines.

Here's the Winners of the Sinulog Festival 2015

Sinulog Based Category
Best in musicality SB-14 carcar City Division
Best in costume SB-01 tangub City’s Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe

1st Prize SB-18 kulturang Placereño
2nd Prize SB-01 tangub City’s Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe
3rd Prize SB-14 carcar City Division
4th Prize SB-11 tuburan National High School
5th Prize SB-08 talisay City Central Elem. School

Free Interpretation Category
Best in musicality fi-07 the buyogan festival” – Tribu Buyoganon
Best in costume fi-01 Tribu Lingganay (alang alang, Leyte)

1st Prize fi-07 “The Buyogan Festival” – Tribu Buyoganon
2nd Prize fi-01 Tribu Lingganay (Alang Alang, Leyte)
3rd Prize fi-22 Tribu Himag-Ulaw
4th Prize fi-02 Tribu Katbalaugan (Catbalogan City, Samar)
5th Prize fi-04 Lumad Basakanon

Street Dancing
1st Prize fi-04 Lumad Basakanon
2nd Prize SB-01 Tangub City’s Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe
3rd Prize SB-18 kulturang Placereño
4th Prize Fi-07 “The buyogan festival” – Tribu buyoganon
5th Prize Fi-01 Tribu lingganay (alang alang Leyte)

Puppeteer’s Category
1st Prize P-12 angelique marie g. Aranas
2nd Prize P-17 Jeffreyson f. Borres (monkey d luffy)
3rd Prize P-01 Niño Ruben N. Mateo

Higante Category
1st Prize H-33 Festival Queen
2nd Prize H-19 Dagul & Son
3rd Prize H-20 Sinulog Prince & Princess

Float Category
1st Prize F-10 Contempo Property Holdings, Inc.
2nd Prize F-08 M. Lhuiller philippines
3rd Prize f-06 Palawan Pawnshop –Palawan Express Pera Padala

On-Site Décor
1st PLACE Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
2nd Place Elizabeth Mall
3rd Place Abellana national school

Visual Merchandising
1st Place Golden gate value properties, inc. ParkMall
2nd Place Elizabeth Mall
3rd Place Metro Gaisano Colon

Source: Sinulog Foundation, Inc. (Sinulog Festival)
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Friday, November 28, 2014

MAV To The Famous Togonan Falls in Mainit, Surigao Del Norte

Togonon Falls, is located at the heart of Brgy. Marayag, Mainit, Surigao Del Norte. Fortunately myzol is from Mainit, so no need for a tour guide here, luck me! lol,

A day before this visit is myzol's 27th Birthday. Yeah! alright,  it's her birthday treat again, just like in our adventure in Mapaso Wellness Resort  2 years ago. So blessed to have you myzol! ehem!lol.

This magnificent, picture perfect creation of  the unbounded, limitless overflowing abundance of God's universe is overwhelming our naked eye. wooooh! Thank God for this gift. No words could ever express our happiness and excitement exploring the beauty of nature that God given to us.

As early as 6 in the morning, I woke up with a very happy mode, a joy in my heart knowing that we will have the chance to visit this place. I just took 2 glasses of water and jumped in saying to myzol, "let's go to Togonan Fall!" while she's having her cup of coffee and "biko" (Rice Cake), which I brought as my Mom made it for her, so sweet! hehe. After that, we hurried up to the habal-habal terminal, Habal-habal is a single motor cycle use as way of transportation.  Just a few blocks from their house.

We standby for few minutes to wait for other possible passengers to ride with us going to Bryg. Marayag where the falls is located, since it's still too early, we just decided to take a special trip. The regular fare is Php40.00/Person.

"The road is long; The way is narrow The path is steep..." few lines from a song Pathway of Hope
even though it's long and narrow, there is Hope for a brighter future. Indeed after travelling 15 to 20 minutes of rough roads.

This scene captured our eyes.

But before we reach it, we trailed in more or less 280 steps going down the falls, no sweat going down, going up is really an adventure, you too should experience it, it's so great, I promise.

And because we are early birds. woooh!! It's Exclusive just for the two of us! so nice. Thank you Lord!

To God be all the Glory!
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Monday, September 1, 2014

"Jagan para sa dakbayan" 1st Surigao City Marathon 2014 - Mav's First Run

 "Jagan para sa Dakbayan" a Full Marathon, organized by the City of Surigao, in cooperation with the Surigao City Tourism Council and the Surigao Runners Club, part celebration of the 44th Charterday of the City. This aim to support the participating Barangays and Schools for the 30th Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival, this coming September 9 and 10 town fiesta.

Categories, Fees and Prices
42k -Php 1,000

  •     1st P15,000.00
  •     2nd P10,000.00
  •     3rd P5,000.00
  •     4th-10th P1,000.00
    (with medal)

21k - Php 700 

  •    1st P10,000.00
  •     2nd P6,000.00
  •     3rd P3,000.00
  •     4th-10th P500.00

(with medal)

5k -Php 500

  •     1st P3,000.00
  •     2nd P2,000.00
  •     3rd P1,000.00
  • (with medal)

3k - Php 400

  •    1st P2,000.00
  •    2nd P1,000.00
  •    3rd P500.00
  • (with medal)

1k(6-12 yrs. old) - Php300

  • 1K Medals

1K participants with McDonald, for the warm-up

As first timers, we just selected the 3K run, the most participants among the categories. We arrived at race venue minutes before it starts, almost late! I had a very good sleep, as always LOL!

Warming up with a dance instructor. We need that to avoid muscle cramps along the way.

Myzol warm-up dance
 At 6 in the morning a Gun shot was heard, signalling that the race has started. 
Took our selfies at the turning point. Have you noticed that myzol doesn't even sweat? well, she just walked it all along, and I have to keep on jogging, and waited for her to come over. Some of the participants there, are like myzol, who just walked and took some selfies on their smartphones. That's why it is called "fun run" they're having fun, and it's really fun, knowing that by doing this we are helping our brothers and sisters of the Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival participants for their financial needs.
I think I should join again in the next fun run, aiming for the 21K. 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bike Zip @ Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Bike Zip in Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, is one of the famous adventure rides, in Bohol today, it is located at Brgy. Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol. An hour ride from Bus terminal of Dao to Bryg. Carmen, for only P60.00/person, just tell the driver of the Bus/Van to drop you at Chocolate Hills adventure park (CHAP). 

This Bike Zip ride, is 275 meters long from one Chocolate Hill to the other.  

I personally experience the breathtaking adventure of riding a bike in a zip line. Woooh!! No Fear!!! It was scary at first, and It's difficult for me to paddle the bike, coz my knees are shaking but as I go on, I just conditioned myself and enjoyed the beauty of nature from the top.

 The ride is only P400.00 per person.

That's Myzol with a smile! Congrats Myzol! we made it!!! :)
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bohol's Newest Attraction and Adventure: ZooColate Thrills

Bohol's first world class Zoological  theme park, Zoocolate Thrills, is located at Brgy. Gotozon, in the municipality of Loboc, under the Zoomanity group of Yupangco Group of Companies. 

For only P 60.00 you can enjoy the 5 hectare park, meet and greet "Tiggy" a  Sebastian tiger, and the smallest primate - The Tarsiers, and a lot more. It is a home for more than 20 species, and they are planning to add more in the coming years. The park also has a man-made chocolate hills to give a glimpse before going to the real one at Carmen.
Zoocolate Thrills at Barangay Gotozan, Loboc, Bohol

Zoocolate Thrills at Barangay Gotozan, Loboc, Bohol

[1]Last year's activity includes the following: 

1.  Meet Hello Tiggy
2.  Zoocolate Thrills Zooperb!Chocolate Hills replica
3. ZooMajestic Greyhound race
4. ZooBearcat photo contest
5. ZooM! Loboc
6.  ZooOrganic farming
7. ZooSweet kisses
8. Our Pride for Bohol
9. ZooSpectacular Bird show 
10. Choco loco Animals parade

[1] http://empoweredgrace.blogspot.com/2013/02/zoocolate-thrills-tarsier-conservation.html
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Summer Getaway Part 2:It's our 46th Monthsary with Myzol @ Panglao Island, Bohol

Our 46th Monthsary falls on Thursday May 15, May 7 of this year I informed Myzol that I applied for  a vacation leave to Bohol together with my Mom. The scheduled travel was supposedly by May 11, but unfortunately all tickets going to Jagna, Bohol, are already fully booked. So I told Myzol that I rescheduled my travel, instead of via Nasipit going to Jagna, Bohol, I decided to go via Cebu by May 14, so we will not be together on our monthsary by then, and I felt sad by that time. Unknowingly and to my surprise, Myzol has a scheduled meeting at Tagbilaran City with the Bohol Chamber of Commerce on May 16 at Bohol Tropics Resort. WOW! Thanks be to GOD! big smile!

I bought 3 ship tickets at Cokaliong shipping lines for P825.00 each, Surigao to Cebu, we depart Surigao sea port at 7PM and arrived in Cebu, Pier 1, around 8AM, immediately we rushed to OceanJet ticketing outlet to grab a ticket going toTagbilaran City, and we arrived safely at Tagbilaran Port at 10:20 AM. 

We had our early lunch at M.R seafood Hauz, near the port area, they served bounteous fresh seafood, at a reasonable price.  After our lunch, we ride a tricycle going to Bohol Tropics to P10.00 each but we did not checked in their, we just see my cousin who is having their vacation too.

We ask the driver of the tricycle if he can drive us to Panglao Island at Dumaloan Beach Resort, the nearest resort to Bohol Beach Club. He told us that the rate is P250.00 one way, so we agreed that he will take us to the Island back and forth, since it was already 2:30 in the afternoon.

The Tricycle driver (kuya Frost) offered us to stop over at  Hinagdanan Cave, 20 mins away from the City. Located at Brgy. Bingag, in the municipalities of Dauis. Myzol got so excited, since we didn't went there the last time we visited Bohol. The entrance fee is only P25.00, and we are accompanied by a tour guide named Jerome. He knows how to set up a Digital Camera, so we had clear captures inside the cave, very well familiar about cave. According to him, many years ago (I forgot the exact year) the Cave was discovered when a tree died in that place and they found a hole; another hole was discovered, which is the bigger one, and is now use as the entrance to the cave. 

They constructed a cemented stairs to get into the cave. When we were inside the cave, it has railings to hold on, and you would notice a sunlight passing through a hole and will serves as natural light inside the cave.  

This place is full of surprises. The cave's walling has charcoal paintings, way back many years ago, by foreign tourist who first visited this place, according to our tour guide, the foreigners shoot a movie inside this cave, and they painted this beautiful piece of art. 

Charcoal painting
The cave has a natural pool inside, where one can swim, the water is mixed with sea and spring water.

This pose is called Holy Pose, a sunlight that passes through the hole. 

After our picture taking, we proceed to Dumaloan Beach Resort. Entrance fee is only P50.00 and Parking fee for the tricycle is P15.00. and their cottage are very affordable ranging from P250.00 to P300.00.

Me and Myzol

It was low tide that time so we enjoyed the white sand shore, strolling around the resort.

The Bohol Beach Club. Their tagline "Bohol's First is now Bohol's newest". After months of renovations, the resort now offers new rooms, new restaurants, and facilities. Visit their website for bookings and reservations. Click Here

This is kuya Frost, our driver slash photographer. He is very familiar with the place, a native from Municipality of  Dauis, one to the two municipality in the island of Panglao. Thanks kuya. God bless your family.

Thanks for hanging with us!

So that was our 46th monthsary special, it was one of the most memorable day for us, having a quality time, unwinding from officeworks.

Stay tuned! as we explore the amazing beauty of nature that Bohol offers!

Experience Bohol! :) 
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Summer Getaway Part 1: Bitaog Beach Resort, Dinagat Islands

A very fine morning of May 1, 2014, the skies were blue, and the summer heat is biting the skin.  

Our (CEMYC) Choral group president, Ms. Bless, invited us to celebrate in her 31st Birthday, together with her family at Bitaog Beach Resort, located at the Province of  Dinagat Islands. We took a Motor Banca -NEWS MPC 5 for 100.00 Pesos per person. Time of departure is around 6:30  in the morning from Surigao City boulevard. Just about an hour of travel, we arrived safely around 7:45 A.M at the Municipality of San Jose, Dinagat Islands. From there, we rented another Banca to bring us to Bitaog beach resort, for P 1,700.00 good for the whole day stay-in. It took us about  15 - 20 mins to arrive at the breathtaking paradise-like resort. 

Palawan-like rock formation: Bitaog
 Upon our arrival, we could not help ourselves but to be amazed with this place, although it was my  second time - 4 years ago, birthday of my officemate, - asay man ko oi. lol!

Lady in Red fishnet - the Birthday Girl :)
Bb. Bitaog 2014 - Myzol :)

There were also another group of local tourists, who arrived just ahead of us, the beach has only 5 cottages worth P 400.00 - a small size cottage; and P 700.00 which we had.

To filled up our tummy, lunch is served with bounteous seafoods and of course, the crunchy Lechon is there at the center table. (ginutom ako bigla while drafting this post!)

After we had full-tanked our tummy with those foods, of course, hindi mawalala ang inuman dyan. ;)
peru secret nalang muna kung ano ang tinungga namin. lol!

Have a tour in this beautiful resort: a Palawan-like rock formations, and white sand around the beach.

Crystal Clear Water 

Beyond this rock is another resort called Gealan Beach Resort.


Thanks you so much Ma'am Bless, for sharing your blessings to us, best wishes and more candles to blow,  praying that you will finally meet the Man of your dreams. weeeh!!! hehehe!!! :)
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hotels in Palawan

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