Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Summer Getaway Part 2:It's our 46th Monthsary with Myzol @ Panglao Island, Bohol

Our 46th Monthsary falls on Thursday May 15, May 7 of this year I informed Myzol that I applied for  a vacation leave to Bohol together with my Mom. The scheduled travel was supposedly by May 11, but unfortunately all tickets going to Jagna, Bohol, are already fully booked. So I told Myzol that I rescheduled my travel, instead of via Nasipit going to Jagna, Bohol, I decided to go via Cebu by May 14, so we will not be together on our monthsary by then, and I felt sad by that time. Unknowingly and to my surprise, Myzol has a scheduled meeting at Tagbilaran City with the Bohol Chamber of Commerce on May 16 at Bohol Tropics Resort. WOW! Thanks be to GOD! big smile!

I bought 3 ship tickets at Cokaliong shipping lines for P825.00 each, Surigao to Cebu, we depart Surigao sea port at 7PM and arrived in Cebu, Pier 1, around 8AM, immediately we rushed to OceanJet ticketing outlet to grab a ticket going toTagbilaran City, and we arrived safely at Tagbilaran Port at 10:20 AM. 

We had our early lunch at M.R seafood Hauz, near the port area, they served bounteous fresh seafood, at a reasonable price.  After our lunch, we ride a tricycle going to Bohol Tropics to P10.00 each but we did not checked in their, we just see my cousin who is having their vacation too.

We ask the driver of the tricycle if he can drive us to Panglao Island at Dumaloan Beach Resort, the nearest resort to Bohol Beach Club. He told us that the rate is P250.00 one way, so we agreed that he will take us to the Island back and forth, since it was already 2:30 in the afternoon.

The Tricycle driver (kuya Frost) offered us to stop over at  Hinagdanan Cave, 20 mins away from the City. Located at Brgy. Bingag, in the municipalities of Dauis. Myzol got so excited, since we didn't went there the last time we visited Bohol. The entrance fee is only P25.00, and we are accompanied by a tour guide named Jerome. He knows how to set up a Digital Camera, so we had clear captures inside the cave, very well familiar about cave. According to him, many years ago (I forgot the exact year) the Cave was discovered when a tree died in that place and they found a hole; another hole was discovered, which is the bigger one, and is now use as the entrance to the cave. 

They constructed a cemented stairs to get into the cave. When we were inside the cave, it has railings to hold on, and you would notice a sunlight passing through a hole and will serves as natural light inside the cave.  

This place is full of surprises. The cave's walling has charcoal paintings, way back many years ago, by foreign tourist who first visited this place, according to our tour guide, the foreigners shoot a movie inside this cave, and they painted this beautiful piece of art. 

Charcoal painting
The cave has a natural pool inside, where one can swim, the water is mixed with sea and spring water.

This pose is called Holy Pose, a sunlight that passes through the hole. 

After our picture taking, we proceed to Dumaloan Beach Resort. Entrance fee is only P50.00 and Parking fee for the tricycle is P15.00. and their cottage are very affordable ranging from P250.00 to P300.00.

Me and Myzol

It was low tide that time so we enjoyed the white sand shore, strolling around the resort.

The Bohol Beach Club. Their tagline "Bohol's First is now Bohol's newest". After months of renovations, the resort now offers new rooms, new restaurants, and facilities. Visit their website for bookings and reservations. Click Here

This is kuya Frost, our driver slash photographer. He is very familiar with the place, a native from Municipality of  Dauis, one to the two municipality in the island of Panglao. Thanks kuya. God bless your family.

Thanks for hanging with us!

So that was our 46th monthsary special, it was one of the most memorable day for us, having a quality time, unwinding from officeworks.

Stay tuned! as we explore the amazing beauty of nature that Bohol offers!

Experience Bohol! :) 


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    1. Hahaha.Thanks sa guide nimo sa bike zip pre! I'll post it later, hehehe :)