Monday, September 1, 2014

"Jagan para sa dakbayan" 1st Surigao City Marathon 2014 - Mav's First Run

 "Jagan para sa Dakbayan" a Full Marathon, organized by the City of Surigao, in cooperation with the Surigao City Tourism Council and the Surigao Runners Club, part celebration of the 44th Charterday of the City. This aim to support the participating Barangays and Schools for the 30th Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival, this coming September 9 and 10 town fiesta.

Categories, Fees and Prices
42k -Php 1,000

  •     1st P15,000.00
  •     2nd P10,000.00
  •     3rd P5,000.00
  •     4th-10th P1,000.00
    (with medal)

21k - Php 700 

  •    1st P10,000.00
  •     2nd P6,000.00
  •     3rd P3,000.00
  •     4th-10th P500.00

(with medal)

5k -Php 500

  •     1st P3,000.00
  •     2nd P2,000.00
  •     3rd P1,000.00
  • (with medal)

3k - Php 400

  •    1st P2,000.00
  •    2nd P1,000.00
  •    3rd P500.00
  • (with medal)

1k(6-12 yrs. old) - Php300

  • 1K Medals

1K participants with McDonald, for the warm-up

As first timers, we just selected the 3K run, the most participants among the categories. We arrived at race venue minutes before it starts, almost late! I had a very good sleep, as always LOL!

Warming up with a dance instructor. We need that to avoid muscle cramps along the way.

Myzol warm-up dance
 At 6 in the morning a Gun shot was heard, signalling that the race has started. 
Took our selfies at the turning point. Have you noticed that myzol doesn't even sweat? well, she just walked it all along, and I have to keep on jogging, and waited for her to come over. Some of the participants there, are like myzol, who just walked and took some selfies on their smartphones. That's why it is called "fun run" they're having fun, and it's really fun, knowing that by doing this we are helping our brothers and sisters of the Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival participants for their financial needs.
I think I should join again in the next fun run, aiming for the 21K. 

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